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def: that which is beyond cool to the beholder.
-- Especially if they picked up some slang in the New England area... where all excellent, awesome things are modified with the word "WICKED" (i.e. "That was a Wicked pahty last night" or "I got Wicked drunk last night" or "Ortiz hit a wicked homa at Fenway last night")

And so our story begins in early 1999 with and Underdog Lunchbox...

What is Wicked Cool STUFF?
Former New Englander Brett Dewey, was stunned and delighted to come across a new lunchbox with his favorite childhood cartoon character "Underdog" on it... and in the moment realized that if he didn't know this existed, there were probably thousands of other fans who didn't know. And if that was true for Underdog, it was probably true for Mighty Mouse, and the Pink Panther, and Spider-Man, and Wonder Woman and tons of other characters...

Starting WickedCoolStuff.com
It was early in 1999 and the internet was just getting rolling... And he had a "Wicked Cool" idea... use the internet to get this stuff in front of the fans! And not just t-shirts, or just posters like some sites were doing... but a variety of items to bring a smile to their faces.

And so in May 1999 the site debuted with just 40 items, working out of a spare room in his home. The fans came... in droves! By christmas that year the furniture had been pushed to the walls and the house was full of Superman t-shirts, Star Wars collectibles, cartoon stuffed animals, mugs, posters and, of course, Underdog lunchboxes. By spring the site had grown to carry thousands of licensed entertainment inspired products, with a full time staff operating from warehouse stuffed to the brim with movie, cartoon, superhero and comic book toys, tshirts and collectibles!

YOU are WickedCool!
Thanks to our many, many, loyal customers we are now cruising into our 11th year online! You're all WickedCool!

We'd love to hear what you think of us! Please be our friend and post a message at:


Thanks to our loyal customers and may all your shopping be WickedCool!