Thanksgiving Tradition

Twas the day after Thanksgiving
And all through the Mall
Not a creature was peaceful
And they filled every hall!<br><br>The decorations are hung everywhere to be seen
Just like they were the day after Halloween
The children were screaming I want this, I want that
While Security asked teens to remove gang-colored hats.<br><br>I pushed my way into this manic retail 
Hoping holiday spirit soon would prevail.
But the parking was awful, the lines were insane
Big bags and boxes blocked every lane<br><br>Beaten and angry, I cried Enough is Enough!
I’m doing the rest of my shopping at WickedCoolStuff!<br><br>They’ve got new and unusual gifts that are fun
And I won’t come home stinking of Cinnabun
So in my jammies I surf, and find presents for all…
Without having to park at the F*&#ing Mall!